unicorns--welcome asked:
Have you ever visited Boca Chica in the D.R.?

Yeah :)

Havent been on this in mad long. Bronx Dominican Parade ‘12 (Taken with Instagram)

Is anybody going to the Dominican Parade this year????

I think I’m going to the one in the Bronx, and i don’t know about the one in Manhattan yet.  But if you’re going let me know, it would be cool to do a little ‘Dominican tumblr-meet up’ type shit :D 

benchpressingbanlikeyou asked:
A famous blog following my wack ass blog, it's honor lmao (i know that was so corny). Thanks for the love

oyee dique famous blog , no que va lol … but you’re welcome anyways :D

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Yesterday’s conversation with my little brother at the lake

Me: ohh look at these cute boys , *sigh* i want a boyfriend

lil brother: what you want a boyfriend for?

me: -_____- what are boyfriends for?

lil brother: pa que las mujeres le pelen lo bolsillo

me: LMFAOOO you violated

Anonymous asked:
My mom complains everyday dique "cuando tu va a prender a cocinar, tu eres un vieja y no hombre te va a quere si tu no saves a cocinar" -.-

OMGG I KNOWW!! like first of all i shouldn’t learn how to cook for the pressure to know, and second of all, if a man wants to marry me is because he loves me not because he wants me as his maid -___- … Anyways, i thought i was the only one tho lol, now i feel better cause i see many girls go through the same shit as i do :P

I need to learn how to cook man :/

en mi casa me tienen JARTA CONO dique “when are u gonna learn how to cook, you think u gonna have a maid when u grow up, ningun hombre the va quere por no saber cocina” like omggg stop , I’m going to , just chill ughh…  like I’m not the only person who doesn’t know how to cook in this world, sheshh.  Anybody feels like me ?? no :/ ??

Anonymous asked:
How do I get a Dominican girl, without having to change myself into one of the classic (gangster/americanized) Dominican guys? Example: Fitted hat, earrings, large sunglasses, Jordans, muscles

Okay so i posted this on instagram and the advice many girls said was basically to be fun to be with and learn how to dance bachata & merengue. At least the basic steps, and know what mangu is lol. also dont get jealous when u drink, and you know be yourself :) 

Anonymous asked:
How do I impress my Dominican bf? Lol

Cook for him , lol domincan men loveee women that can cook lol 

Anonymous asked:
Do you know there is a bunch of 'dominican problems' websites on twitter, tumblr and instagram ? smhh

i know i know.. but all i have to say is that they got nothing on me. all my posts are made by me or submitted by my followers. I’ve seen MANY blogs that post the EXACT SAME post as me, with the EXACT SAME WORDS! and if you check the dates it was post mines were away earlier than them. But what can i do, everybody is free to do whatever they want and my followers know i’ve been here for a while and i don’t need to copy anybody else’s ideas.